Fairmount, Clayton Park, & Rockingham

 Fairmount, Clayton Park, and Rockingham

It’s funny to imagine, but just a generation ago, Fairmount, Clayton Park, and Rockingham were Halifax’s newest, trendiest suburbs for professional couples and young families. Sure, historic homes sparsely dotted the landscape, but the neighborhoods were new, and calling to baby boomers in the 60s, and 70s.

Now, the area is reinventing itself as new families and millennials move into the leafy neighbourhoods and condos hoping for the same carefree lifestyle that their parents enjoyed. By that measure, Fairmount, Clayton Park, and Rockingham deliver, with curving, quiet streets, ample parks — and playgrounds, sports fields, and highly-regarded schools.

The boxy, vertical mid-century architecture is perfect for creating bright, liveable homes that anyone would be proud to call their own.

So when properties come on the market in these neighbourhoods, you never know quite what awaits based on the address. But one thing you can count on is a vibrant and friendly community.

Fairmount is a hilly neighbourhood tucked just off the Armdale Rotary, between Dutch Village Road, and the venerable Ashburn Golf Course, home to duffers in three seasons and Nordic skiers in the winter. Gracious homes perch on a large hill overlooking Halifax, but feel far removed from the hustle and bustle.

On the other side of Ashburn lie Clayton Park and Rockingham, the new frontiers of Halifax. As with Fairmount, many streets rise and dip on steep hills, and creating cozy, secluded streets — unless you’re riding the Bedford Highway, buzzing with shops, services, and restaurants left and right.

But while most of Fairmount, Clayton Park and Rockingham feel like old Halifax neighbourhoods, this region spearheaded the massive expansion that is the face of a new and vital Halifax. Choice new developments with large spacious homes and tall apartment and condominium communities now unfurl like rabbit warrens, with something lovely in almost every price range.

Best of all, you don’t have to go far to find anything you might need. The heart of Clayton Park West satisfies both athletic and literary pursuits, with the brilliant, expansive Canada Games Centre, sitting just across the street from the Keshen Goodman Library, which both serve the region admirably with programs for all ages. Hiking trails abound, and the city has just purchased a huge swathe of land for the Blue Mountain/Birch Cove Lakes Wilderness Area.

Coffee shops and pubs are busy with friends, and good restaurants are popping up everywhere. Tako Sushi and Ramen sits in an assuming mall, but the food is delicious, and the same is true of 9 + Nine (authentic Chinese), Dhaba (luscious Indian), and Ray’s Lebanese (so healthy, so delicious)— people come from all over the city to dine here. The Bedford Highway has you covered, too, with everything from family steakhouses, to pizza, Mediterranean to Korean to Vietnamese.

The permutations and combinations are extraordinary, making Fairmount, Rockingham and Clayton Park some of the province’s prime real estate markets. And the best is yet to come! So let our knowledgeable real estate agents show you the perfect place.