Halifax North End

Halifax North End

Halifax’s North End is experiencing its second rebirth and it’s beautiful to behold. And so, moving to the North End today lets you live with the cool kids — and a few families that have been here for generations — and enjoy a richness of services that rivals big city neighbourhoods.

Most housing stock here dates from the 1920s. The Halifax Explosion in 1917 — this planet’s largest man-made blast prior to the nuclear era — leveled the neighbourhood of Richmond, as this area was then known. More than 2,000 died, and 9,000 people were injured.

The most notable redevelopment during the recovery was the Hydrostone District, completed in 1920, which provided much-needed shelter to North Enders left homeless after the war. It was designed by influential city planner Thomas Adams, and its preservation stands as a testament to his principles of creating safe, livable communities.

Monuments in parks like Fort Needham and Seaview Look-off recall the disaster and the community spirit that rebuilt the community. Nearby, Africville Park recalls the destruction of another community.

Like most gentrification, the rebirth of the historical North End owes much to a new generation of artists, restaurateurs, and entrepreneurs. Unable to afford property in more genteel neighbourhoods, they looked to the North End and saw limitless potential. So they settled in, and got to work breathing new life into an older neighbourhood ready for change.

North End Halifax is also home to many delightful small businesses, including Lady Luck Boutique, LK Yarns, and Liquid Gold Oils and Vinegars, all in historical Hydrostone. It’s home to most of the city’s car dealerships, and nearby mechanics here have loyal followings. Bellissimo is a marvellously curated stored filled with furniture, fixtures and accessories for your home. Next door, Geddes Furniture has a reputation for producing beautiful handmade, solid wood furniture. For the DIY crowd, you can transform something old and funky into something new and functional by shopping at Renovator’s Resource on Maynard. And that’s just scratching the surface.

Coffee shops abound, with Julien’s in the Hydrostone, The Nook on Gottingen, and Agricola’s Lion & Bright always proving lively and fun. Vandal Doughnuts, located in Gus’s Pub, attracts lineups when it first opens in the morning.

North End restaurants truly shine, making this neighbourhood a destination. The Hydrostone Market is home to two exceptional restaurants in Salvatore’s Pizzaiolo and Epicurious Morsels, while Mother’s Pizza sits just a stone’s throw away.  Water and Bone, just off Agricola on Charles, is a sumptuous — and busy — noodle house, while Gottingen Street hosts Edna and the Field Guide, two of Atlantic Canada’s best dining rooms.

But dining out in North End Halifax can be done on the cheap, too. Tarek’s, on Robie Street, might just be the best deal in metro, offering delicious Mediterranean food. And nearby Coastal Cafe surely has the best breakfast in the twin cities.

Better still, North End Halifax is a very walk-able area, with discoveries around every corner.

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